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Razor E150 electric scooter

Razor E150 Electric Scooter Benefits

Traditional classic scooters are pretty good.

But you have to pump them along from time to time.

So if you want to get a powerful motor along with potent speed that can fasten to 10 MPH, choose Razor E150 electric scooter.

Its perfect ride is ideal for restless teens, which are always ready to conquer new roads.

This model of Razor scooter has lots of advantages. They are:

  • – quiet and smooth ride;
  • – more powerful high-torque motor;
  • – chain-driven motor;
  • – handy twist-grip acceleration throttle;
  • – long-life rechargeable battery;
  • – a folding handlebar mechanism;
  • – 8-inch pneumatic front tire;
  • – urethane rear wheel (125mm) with ABEC-5 bearings;
  • – a hand-operated front brake;
  • – retractable kickstand;
  • – steel frame and fork.

Two (12V) sealed lead acid batteries, UL battery charger and tools for easy assembly are included.

Riders can enjoy the tour up to 40 minutes. Due to an ultra-quiet motor, this scooter won’t disrupt the peace around. Battery charge time is nearly 12 hours. Razor E150 scooters are available in five attractive colors – green, pink, blue, purple and red. The maximum weight of this rider is 120 lbs.

Good luck with your purchase!

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