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Razor E300S electric scooter

5 Exceptional Features of Razor E300S Electric Scooter

Every teen-ager dreams of being cool and stand out from the crowd of other kids.

This goal is easy to achieve with all kinds of modern toys.

Razor E300S electric scooter is an original modification of the model Razor E300, completed with a seat for more comfortable rides at epic speeds.

This compact and nimble 2-wheeled miracle will become your kid’s little assistant in the neighborhood. Besides, chances are high you’ll try to borrow it from your daughter or son, as the scooter’s maximum rider weight (220 pounds) allows adults to use this cute eco-friendly vehicle as well, and they do it with pleasure!

Razor E300S Electric Scooter Features:

  • Secure powerful yet quiet motor;
  • Cool speed performance of up to 15 mph;
  • 7-hour charging time for the full battery that provides 45-minute ride straight (15.5 mph) and 2-hour charging is enough to cover 4.35 mph;
  • Convenient folding mechanism;
  • Light weight – 13.9 lbs;

If there’s no opportunity to re-charge the battery, ride the scooter, pushing off the ground. Razor E300S has proved its reliability and safety when it became a bestseller. It’s an advantageous purchase of exceptional value, indeed.

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