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Razor E200S electric scooter

Razor scooters are a line of compact kick scooters, manufactured by JD Corp.

First Razor scooters were distributed in 1999 and soon became very popular.

Today, the company that manufactures these scooters (Razor USA) is located in California.

Razor E200S electric scooter is a very comfortable scooter that is made from high-quality materials and it possesses all the features of a great scooter:

  • It has a wide, comfortable deck and a strong frame;
  • Multi-purpose tires that are suitable for different kinds of surfaces;
  • Breaks are hand operated;
  • The scooter can speed up to 12 mph;
  • The scooter weights 2.09 lbs;
  • It is equipped with a quiet electric motor;
  • The tools and battery charger are included;
  • Power – 350 watts;
  • Time until fully charged – 12 hours;
  • A fully charged battery will be enough for 10 miles. Even if you’ve been charging your battery for 5 hours, it will be still enough to go for about 3 miles;
  • The engine is mud and shock protected.

Beside the fact, that Razor E200S electric scooter is very compact and light (when comparing to other scooters with identical properties) it has a weight limit of 220LB, which means that it is great for kids and adults.

Another reason why this particular model is so popular is its weight and the possibility to fold it easily, making it more comfortable to transport. Also remember that this model can be used as a common scooter, once the battery is depleted.

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