Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Razor Sweet Pea electric scooter

7 Reasons to Buy Razor Sweet Pea Electric Scooter for Your Daughter

Razor Sweet Pea electric scooter is a unique vehicle toy for a girl of practically any age.

Why Do Parents Consider the Purchase of Razor Sweet Pea Electric Scooter Worthwhile?

  • Easy and quick assembly: Just connect the steering with the base, tighten it, charge the accumulator for 15 hours (only for the first time) and you are ready to go!
  • Cute and simple design: Girlie metallic pink scooter looks as lovely as it rides.
  • Simplicity in usage: Doesn’t need any particular skills, just get on it and go, surprise your friends with cool side drifts, awesome kick-outs and thrilling spin-outs!
  • Charging/Use time: 40 minutes of continuous ride at maximal speed with a fully charged accumulator.
  • Decent yet safe speed: 10 mph is a quite cool speed for young ladies.
  • Folding mechanism: The scooter is so compact that it causes neither storage nor transportation problems.
  • Safety: Hand brake blocks the motor. Just show your little daughter how it works and get her a cute accessory to go with the scooter – a cool matching in color helmet.

Your little 5-year-old daughter can already start having fun with it and, be sure, she won’t abandon it through years, as a bunch of bright emotions is guaranteed to anyone who steps on the footstool of this cute scooter.

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